College of Social Science Employability Bootcamp programme highlights/




Drop- in IT LAB DCB2104 

This computer lab will be open and staffed during boot camp for participants to drop in and work on their CV, personal statements or applications etc.


10.45 – 12.00 Parallel sessions


Career Decision Making: Using Career anchors (DCB0102) 

Finished your degree but still not sure what’s next for you? Rest assured, you’re not the only graduate without a clear career path!

This interactive session would be particularly valuable for you if you don’t know what you want to do, or if you are one of those people who have a number of ideas in mind, as it will encourage you to reflect on how your personal values can be positively applied to evaluate what career might suit you in the future.


Be your own boss! (DCB0101) 

Whether you are thinking of being a play therapist, life coach, personal trainer or hoping to make your business enterprise succeed, come and find out about running your own business or working freelance and how the University can help you take the first steps.


Creative job searches (DCB1103) 

Looking for work sometimes involves an active and creative approach rather than being reactive (waiting for the ideal vacancy to appear) or passively surfing around the Web. Join us for some tips on looking for work beyond the obvious websites and how you can take the initiative in a systematic and creative way.


12.30 -13.30 Parallel sessions


Winning applications: (DCB0102) 

You’ll get a chance to hear how best to present yourself in written applications including how to understand CVs and applications from a recruiter’s point of view.


Working overseas: (DCB1103) 

What are your options for finding graduate jobs and postgrad courses abroad? Will your degree be recognised in a different country? How do you go about moving overseas for work? In this section, our specialist careers adviser will be on hand to answer your working abroad queries and point you in the direction of useful sources of info on working and living abroad.


21st Century skills: (DCB0101) 

What do employers really want from today’s graduates? In this session we will explore what skills graduate employers and recruiters are looking for from candidates. There will be the opportunity to reflect on your own skill set as well as think about areas you might like to improve. You will also learn how to communicate these skills to employers; useful for both application forms and interviews.


13.30 – 14.30 Parallel sessions


Networking – online (repeated at 14.45) DCB2104 

With two new professionals signing up every second and over 467 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is an online networking platform that should really not be overlooked! Join us to learn how employers are using LinkedIn to grow their businesses and discover top tips on how to build an effective LinkedIn profile and strategies to kick start your networking online.


How to Network effectively (repeated at 14.45) DCB0102

Networking skills are essential for success in the modern workplace. Many people will find work or postgrad opportunities by expanding their network or contacts they have made through an event, conference or introduction. From introducing yourself, to politely leaving a conversation, Mike Stokes from ‘Positive Networking’ will share his networking top tips in this interactive, professional session.


Thinking outside of the box (DCB0101) 

This session will focus on career options with any degree subject. It will cover the following areas; Influencing factors in career choice, overview of a careers model, creative case studies, current trends and flexibility in the graduate labour market.


14.45-15.45 How to research a company (DCB0101)

If you are completing an application or going for an interview, having a really good understanding of the organisation could be the thing that makes you stand out from other equally well qualified applicants. This session will focus on why and how to find company and industry information for both job applications and interviews using some Library databases and freely available resources.  The knowledge gained will allow you to assess whether an organisation is right for you, ask and answer better questions during the interview, and help you craft better answers in written applications. It will be facilitated by Subject Librarians from the Library.


Join our flagship event to end off the first day of boot camp! 

Meet our graduates, networking social and mini careers fair 

Day 1 at boot camp will conclude with a chance to hear about and get tips from graduates from across our College (4-5 p.m). You are then invited into the Foyer of David Chiddick Building for a chance to socialise with refreshments and meet employers, the postgraduate recruitment team and the School of Education, visiting boot camp to connect with new graduates (5-6 p.m).





10.00-11.30 Parallel sessions


‘If you were a biscuit, what sort would you be?’ (DCB0102) 

Interviews can be extremely daunting, whether you have had experience of them or not. Come and hear some tips and advice for answering awkward questions as well learning how to do well in the typical competency questions asked in standard professional interviews. Learn how to present yourself in the best way and showcase your knowledge, skills and values so that your enthusiasm for the job comes across to the employer.


Communicating with confidence: Public Speaking for the Petrified (DCB2111) 

Are you worried that your nerves will get the better of you? This an interactive workshop aimed at helping you to be at your best in recruitment and selection tasks such as interviews, group discussions and presentations. The session will include practical tips for feeling confident and in control when public speaking.


11.30-12.45 Parallel sessions


You’re hired! Surviving the Assessment Centre (DCB0102) 

Come and find out why employers use assessment centres, the sorts of activities that are typically used and how to perform the best you can at these events. This session will be run by Enterprise Rent-a-Car who have recruited hundreds of graduates using this selection method.


Pursuing an academic career (DCB0101) 

This session is aimed new graduates and Masters students who are keen to follow the academic career route by carrying out further research (e.g. doing a PhD), with a view to becoming a professional researcher and/or eventually becoming a lecturer (with teaching and research responsibilities). You’ll hear a personal biography, find out what’s involved and get some practical tips for finding funded opportunities.


Keynote speaker: Keynote Speaker: Natalie Thomas of Bridge McFarland (DCB1102) 

‘What employers want, what they really, really want’

We are delighted to welcome back Lincoln graduate and Risk Solicitor, Natalie Thomas to provide our keynote address. Natalie will share her personal journey from student to solicitor and talk about how to impress an employer, with tips that are useful for students from all subjects.


Money Matters – Wealth at Work 

This will be an interactive workshop focusing on key aspects of financial education and awareness. The aim of the session will be to improve all round understanding of financial matters and will also assist individuals with planning and preparing for the transition to the workplace. During the workshop the following key areas will be covered:

–          Taking stock of your finances

–          Understanding employment pay aspects

–          Comparing employer reward packages

–          Personal budgeting

–          Creating your action plan


Putting your Masters to work (DCB0101) 

In this session for Masters Students (and other postgrads) will get the chance to discuss how to self-market so you can articulate your achievements to an employer. You’ll get some practical tips about how to showcase your additional qualifications.